On September 20-21, the Czarnowski & Beer team, one of New York’s leading CPA firms for cooperatives and condominiums, hosted an instructive auditing session followed by a fun and exciting team-building activity in New Jersey. Even though C&B is entirely remote, the management team is devoted to cultivating a feeling of community and aligning everyone with the overarching company goals.

The auditing seminar focused on providing staff with necessary updates on changes in business and audit processes, as well as nontraditional, but relevant, auditing areas of concern like technology, communication, and ethics.

Following the first day of training, the team participated in a team-building activity at Stumpy’s under the theme “Hitting the Target”. In addition to bringing the team together for a fun-filled activity, the goal was to emphasize the importance of accuracy and correct decision-making when working as a team, which was accomplished through a variety of goal-oriented team-building activities such as axe throwing, Jenga, hacky sack, and others. Team members reported that the event aided in the development of a stronger sense of teamwork as well as improved communication and cooperation.

To join in on the fun, check out the photo gallery below.

While working in a remote-based environment, the C&B team is dedicated to developing authentic ways to promote company values and foster community. Learn more about our move to a completely remote office here.

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