As the COVID-19 pandemic shifts to endemic, we thought it would be a good time to share our new vision for C&B that has emerged from the experiences and challenges we faced during this time.

Who would have thought that we would be able to withstand the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, and come out the other side with a brand new mindset?   

Not only does this new mindset revolutionize the way we get all the great things we do for our clients done, but it also allows for more time with family and a better sense of accomplishment.

It was a sense of resourcefulness combined with the partnership of our staff that helped us understand the seriousness and swiftness of COVID-19 as the situation evolved. Although this surely challenged our orthodoxies and business model, it also unleashed newfound amounts of creativity, helping us learn how a team of professionals can perform in excellence without physically being together. 

Granted, C&B was well suited to set up its employees to work from home but accomplishing that for everyone took some work. While there were technological hurdles, desktop tools needed to be reorganized, and workflows needed to be distributed without physical interaction, our biggest challenge was more cultural. We needed to move past a preconceived notion about what needs to be done in person.

We are happy to report that many of our investments in technology demonstrated that the security and durability of our network and our ability to collaborate from home were all there.

While we may not have previously activated all of the workplace tools that were available to us like video conferencing, team chats, and sharing documents ­we all were able to collaborate — but more because we had to.  Now the experience is surprisingly more efficient as we are all tasked to learn the software.

As we create a better, stronger, and more adaptable organization with a reinforced mission for success we recognize the power of what we can accomplish as a group of dedicated people coming together to yield a new thing, one that our clients will embrace for years to come. 

Working remotely allowed our strong sense of duty to adapt services that, without our physical presence were able to run without any hiccups just because that is what our clients need.

We plan to build on what we have learned and going forward, our employees will continue to work from home, relying on our accumulated facilities where the teams can meet without being in person. We will carry forward the innovations and lessons learned from the COVID-19 crisis, as it is important to us as a company that we remain nimble and innovative. 

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