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    Join Our Team!

    Czarnowski & Beer LLP prides itself on its reputation of excellence and of industry leadership. We believe our future depends on hard-working, talented and innovative individuals such as you, who want to make a difference in their company and their careers.

    By joining Czarnowski & Beer LLP, you’ll be given the opportunity to take your career to the next level, while making a commitment to excellence that’s unmatched in the industry.

    If you would like to know more about our Career Opportunities, please fill out the form below:

    Our business, as a certified public accounting and management consulting firm, is centrally located in Midtown Manhattan and close to most every source of transportation. While there are times when staff do need to come together in the office, predominately, we strive for staff to be on client premises or work remotely from home.  This is not simply a situation whereby staff can work at home nights and weekends, but a system of technology and quality controls to enhance your work-personal life balance.

    Being a full-service public accounting firm, we continue to offer services not only in the traditional areas of auditing and tax, but also venture into non-traditional areas such as long-range financial planning, operational and capital budgeting and consulting to optimize profitability. For those who seek vast industry experience, and excel in providing personal service and responsiveness, your career and our organization would be an appropriate match. Our continual training programs and the diversification of the various aspects of our engagements are the hallmark and driving force behind our maintaining long-term employee relationships as well as our commitment to professional development of staff. By finding those who complement our firm growth with an enthusiastic attitude, we do more than simply offer service, we enhance continued client satisfaction. The realization of concurrent staffing and client satisfaction leads all of us to rise to a level each of us could not achieve alone.

    The feedback from new staff is that our training programs proceed at a self-paced timeline allowing for the minimization of negative feedback. This replaces that usual experience with the opportunity for an online “let’s accomplish this at our own pace process” which leaves a trail for those who might wish to go back and review any difficult-to-absorb aspects. The unique benefits of the effective and efficient methods which we have developed over the past 30 years can be grasped at your fingertips.  Each aspect is periodically evaluated and open to suggestions for improvement as staff has offered quite some helpful ideas acquired from the unique circumstance of their careers.

    We encourage staff to remain active within industries in which they excel by frequently contributing articles to trade publications, accepting invitations to speak at membership-organization events and by periodically sponsoring seminars with industry-based organizations.  These personal development aspects, which many firms discourage for lack of billable time, are not only encouraged but expected.  At Czarnowski & Beer LLP, we all rise by helping others whether within or outside of our organization.

    We work hard and we play hard. That being said, your long hours during busy season are appreciated and rewarded. Our partners never forget their experience as staff persons and establish the environment they wished they had (other than those “home-grown” at C&B).  We welcome your inquiries to see if we are a mutual fit.

    Here’s what our own employees have to say about working at Czarnowski & Beer, LLP:

    We work hard. C&B is truly an office where everyone works together!”
    Sheldon Brody


    “If the fact that I have only worked here since being an intern in college doesn’t say enough, C&B has always put an emphasis on employee development as well as quality of life. Both of those key elements trickle down to the work and growth both personally and with the clients. I feel like I am part of a family that works together to pursue our common goals.”
    Avi Zanjirian


    “Having recently started at C&B, I work with a talented group of professionals that really know what ‘counts’ when it comes to performing their audits and tax work.”
    Lyris Fullerton


    “I am going on my fifth year of working for C&B. The work atmosphere is very family-oriented and friendly. Everyone in the office works together to serve our clients. My position within the company is more than just a job for me as it has enabled me to grow as an employee and an individual while learning different aspects of the business.”
    Natalie Evernham


    “C&B is an exceptional place to work. Amongst its numerous amazing qualities, the firm has a great family-friendly environment. I get the privilege of working closely with the partner and managers, which helps advance my growth within the firm and industry. I am able to learn something new every day even with my current level of knowledge and expertise. I couldn’t ask for better co-workers and supervisors who are always there for anyone in need. And best of all, the firm provides a team environment where everyone works together for mutual success.”
    Michael Avezov


    “I cannot express enough how much of a pleasure it is to work at Czarnowski & Beer. After just a couple of months of working at the firm, I feel that I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge about the industry. The firm’s detailed training program laid out the groundwork, and the experience I have gotten so far has helped me grow exponentially. Everyone in the firm is extremely approachable and dedicated to the success of each employee, always making themselves available for any questions that may arise. I immediately felt comfortable approaching senior staff members with questions, and they were always more than willing to help me learn and grow. The combination of the Senior Staff’s experience and level of expertise as well as their patience and understanding, has made the learning curve all that much easier to manage. Being a small intimate firm, Czarnowski & Beer offers a strong sense of community, which is why it boasts such a high moral from its staff. There is a strong sense of teamwork and camaraderie in the office as everyone works together on projects, bouncing ideas and suggestions off of each other. I feel very lucky that I am in such a warm and healthy work environment, where I am really made to feel like part of a family.”
    Eli Kirsch


    “As a new and international employee, I really enjoy working at C&B. I feel very cared for, valued, and respected by everyone here. I have learned a lot so far and continue to grow professionally and personally in this fast-paced and challenging environment. I am thankful for everyone here as they have contributed to me in my journey.”
    Lynn Fan



    “I feel very fortunate to work at C&B. The size of the firm and the staff create an environment where you feel supported and encouraged not only professionally, but personally too! Everyone here makes it easy to come to work every day.”
    Sarah Adydan


    “I joined the Czarnowski & Beer team in July 2012. My experience and training have surpassed my expectations. The partners and managers are approachable and helpful, and really take the time to work with the staff to create an open and positive environment that is ideal for each employee’s growth. Our goal is to provide the best service and product for our clients and we work together to achieve it in the most efficient way. I am grateful to be part of this team.”
    Melissa Glickman 


    “I have been working for C&B for almost five years and I have enjoyed the professional work within the friendly environment. My manager and I have an excellent working relationship.  The work is challenging and professional, and my co-workers all support one another and create a winning team spirit. C&B is always concerned with doing first-rate quality work for every client in a timely manner. In addition, the Director of Operations creates a warm and friendly environment which encourages everyone to be very professional and motivated. I hope to continue working for the partners, who are outstanding and supportive, for many years to come!”
    Lee Fleisig


    “Not many people are able to say that the place in which they work is a joy to walk into every day! Czarnowski & Beer is part of a niche industry with an energetic and focused team which feels more like family than anything else. I am honored to not only be part of this firm but to have also had a hand in shaping it!”
    Julie DiVita


    We offer comprehensive Individual Tax and Accounting services

    Over the years, we have grown from a small accounting firm of each partner servicing their own respective niche, to one capable of servicing a large number of diverse industry clientele by becoming a single organizational team.  Our major selling point has always been the qualifications of our staff and their diversified experience. You will only be working with seasoned professionals with both Board and specialized experience.  In order to promote familiarity and rapport, our policy is to assign the same key personnel, to an engagement each year.  While it is inevitable that periodically you need to become familiar with a new organization or client staff, we work to have you grow with your clients.  Our embracing of client objective and annual staff training programs allow you to invest in yourself.

    We also believe it is important to familiarize our entire staff with each client in their specialty area and allow them to advance to a more responsible role sooner than with other firms.  By carefully coordinating work assignments of more experienced staff with younger staff, you have the opportunity to learn from the work of others.  This focus on staff development over centralized quality review also allows for a free flow of technical knowledge between staff with relatively equivalent experience but with different industries.  As cross-industry promotion is available, you have the knowledge and the choice to pursue opportunities outside of the industry that you might have started in. This proactive approach, which varies from other firms’ pigeon-holing, cost-effective approach, allows us to compensate you at a higher responsibility level.  No longer do you need to feel in competition with the people around you but allow yourself to be lifted by lifting those in other industries. This affords us the opportunity to enhance our selection of assignment of staff for an optimal mix of experience and diversification.  All we ask of you is to bring your abilities to our environment conducive to professional growth.  Our partners face the economic reality that a total and complete commitment benefits our firm as well as our clients.  As a result, we have enjoyed both minimal staff turnover and substantial long-term client retention.  With many of our clients, we have relationships of 30 years or more.

    Have you ever dreamed of being a “rainmaker”?

    At Czarnowski & Beer LLP, professional staff are expected to actively participate in the marketing efforts of the Firm.  Our structure includes a variety of opportunities for personal client contacts which will lead to the long-term success of our staff and the Firm.  Numerous tools and support services are available to you to facilitate your success.

    Marketing doesn’t necessarily come easy for CPAs.  One of the benefits of participation with our Firm is incorporating a personal marketing program, with minimal investment of your time into your professional service work.  You are in the unique position to maximize the lead generation from those you work with.  No longer is it a question whether a professional is a rainmaker, with an appropriate action plan, every staff person is a rainmaker.  Your compensation above cost-of-living increases will be enhanced based upon your accomplishing this important added role.


    People gravitate to professionals with certain traits.  The C&B professional is one who:

    • Has superior professional skills and knowledge.
    • Is only interested in helping and considers everyone who works on behalf of our clients. We feel as if our clients are deserving of our commitment to their success.
    • Gracious and honest. There is nothing wrong with saying “I don’t know but I will get back to you”, and get back to them swiftly!
    • We will get the job done, well and on-time. Difficulties encountered will be shared before the deadline approaches.
    • Offers suggestions, helpful hints, and training. We share information detected across our entire client base to assist the persons you work with and of course our clients.
    • Keeps in contact with the person, just enough to be helpful and never too much to be burdening.
    • You periodically conclude a positive interaction with our clients and remind them that your success at C&B would be enhanced by their referrals.

    Manipulating leads into sales is not a part of this client accumulation program. Professionals grow together. Younger staff persons at C&B tend to encounter people who have positions at lower levels at firms with whom we share clients.  The staff who have been with C&B for some time have relationships with the more seasoned professionals that they work with on clients that they may have met when they were younger or are recent connections.  Partners know the principals of the firms that we share clients with that they met early in their careers.  Their reputations within the industry can then transcend to firms that C&B hasn’t worked with, especially as these traits have become expected of C&B staff persons by others within the industry.    At C&B, we know that each and every type of connection is an opportunity. Even situations where things may have become tense between C&B and the contact, by maintaining our professionalism and learning to forget the difficult encounters, C&B staff can rise above our competition.


    You have a decision to make.  Embracing this program leads to a success that only few CPAs attain.  It is neither part of what you may have thought about when you first chose our profession, nor were you taught this at school.  Other firms believe that only those with the rare traits of the ability to sell or bring in clients can achieve this success. C&B believes common traits of dedication, commitment and caring are more important and are the indicators of those who can make this transition.  You have been invited into the program because you possess these traits.   We can go nowhere in this program without you.  It makes no sense to waste your and the Firm’s time should you not be willing to commit.

    The Program

    While we work at professional production for a portion of the year, other times afford the opportunity to distribute the knowledge we glean from what is going on with clients, from working with numerous individuals and the troublesome situations seen occurring at one client that can be shared with another who is at risk, but has not yet had to deal with such difficulty.  Many firms may talk about concepts of “working  staff to full profitability” without offering the appropriate unbillable time to pursue these “concepts” which are pursued by administration on a recurring basis.

    Marketing professionals select the opportunities that are forwarded to the staff.  Therefore, the “concept” you suggest might not be chosen, but the one submitted by a colleague could be quite helpful for your network.  Your suggestion may end up being helpful to others in their client network or chosen later.  Regardless, the involvement of marketing professionals enhances the Firm’s image and the concepts we distribute in certain Firm messages.  That doesn’t mean that if you are committed to a “concept” in a specific situation, it will necessarily be ruled out.  This program needs to adapt to each individual.

    Tools available to you

    Development of Topics, Ideas and Concepts

    Content is developed by the firm as per a separate standard operating procedure.  Each member of the firm is required to identify and record content concepts as part of their DAILY work.  Monitoring is set into place to assure that each person accepts their part in the process and separate professionals participate in ensuring that the best possible concepts move through the process.   Ideas concerning content come in many forms and encompass more than how it affects a current client.  There is a second step to how that content can be fully utilized.   As concepts are identified, others are available to evaluate the content’s potential, however, your participation in the process is vital as the content starts as your “baby”.  However, realize that by involving others along with the collective mind process, we enhance how that “baby” can be applied and in which manner(s) it is best applied.   Topics have numerous opportunities to be utilized for our marketing purposes.  Therefore, one concept can evolve into a multitude of uses, and each aspect of the concept can be delivered over numerous media platforms.  Our program relies on procedures to effectively and efficiently develop each concept’s use across multiple media platforms.  Thus, we achieve the absolute most with the least necessary input.

    Structured Administration and Multiple Mentoring Programs

    You also have roles in identifying and later developing content into a quality product for distribution.  Therefore, a number of people will be working toward Firm success, which is represented in new clients.  New clients afford the opportunity for higher-than-inflation wage increases and long-term success for those who choose to remain as part of our team.

    The Firm uses a marketing director to administer the program.   It is easy for staff to focus on professional services which provide constant success for both you and our Firm, as opposed to long-term success.  Structure and discipline are quite important to such programs which do not result in billable professional time.

    By utilizing various professionals who each bring an important aspect to the development process, the result becomes the best possible.  These include those in the general business, scholastic, marketing, accounting industry as well as technology professionals.  After content identification, these professionals develop the concept in its most infant form into the most vast and useful applications.  By re-engineering the content and then expanding on how it is authored, it develops into a level that a sole person could never accomplish.  Having these talents involved in the editing enhances the topic to become a presentation for seasoned professionals.  This is important as we are presenting this content to other industries, including volunteers that have vast education and widespread experience.  It takes a lot to impress many people within this industry.

    While many people enjoy Facebook as a method to keep in touch with friends and family, that is a personal preference.  The constant content model that is publicized for businesses to use relies on a substantial commitment of time.  The concept using postings, development of LinkedIn content, You Tube channels and distribution of interactive presentations may each be recommended for marketing success, the concept of intertwining them and re-purposing them appropriately is just beginning to become known.  By being the individuals and a Firm which is one of the first to establish such a premise in our industry, long-term benefits are expected to come to us all.

    There are, however, menial tasks that need to be accomplished for this elaborate process to achieve maximum exposure.  Aspects such as periodic postings to social media, distributing email blasts, constant updating of the media channels and the posting of blogs are not the best usage of a professional’s time. The Firm funds these services for yours and its success.

    No one here believes that they know everything but we all agree that by working together we can reach the best possible outcomes.  Our professionals with marketing experience don’t limit themselves to promotion of “the Firm” or simply its partners but rather they work to share what they have found to master their success.  Let’s face it, this is a two-way street.  Your perceptions and experiences are quite important to the success of our program. Along with offering our expertise, we will ask you for your feedback and commitment to developing our program.  Change is inevitable and in the next couple of decades, we will see substantial change in the way businesses work.  Together, with appropriate dialogue, we can achieve our Firm’s best possible success.  The growth we look for is not solely your own, but all of ours together.  C&B is more than a business owned by some people, it is an environment to develop business and relationships beyond what has been accomplished before.  By working together, we can plan to achieve much more than just what a job can offer!

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