Employment at Czarnowski & Beer is not like working for typical accounting firms that only strive to meet the most basic requirements. Our team is made of professionals who are dedicated to providing innovative accounting solutions for real-world problems and we do our best to give them an environment that supports their personal and professional growth.

Prior to the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, our business as certified public accounting and management consulting firm was focused on creating avenues for staff to work remotely despite being centrally located in Midtown Manhattan and close to almost every source of transportation. We have long been aware that while there are times when our staff does need to come together in the office, predominately, we strive for staff to either be on client premises or work remotely from home to enhance their work-personal life balance.

Being a full-service public accounting firm, we continue to offer services not only in the traditional areas of auditing and tax but also venture into non-traditional areas such as long-range financial planning, operational and capital budgeting, and consulting to optimize profitability.  For those who seek vast industry experience and excel in providing personal service and responsiveness, your career and our organization would be an appropriate match. Our continual training programs and the diversification of the various aspects of our engagements are the hallmark and driving force behind our ability to maintain long-term employee relationships as well as our commitment to the professional development of staff. By finding the people who complement our firm’s growth with an enthusiastic attitude we do more than simply offer service, we enhance continued client satisfaction. The realization of concurrent staffing and client satisfaction leads all of us to rise to a level each of us could not achieve alone.

The feedback from new staff is that our training programs proceed at a learn at your own pace timeline allowing for minimal negative feedback. This replaces the usual experience with the opportunity for an online, ‘let’s accomplish this at our own pace’ process which leaves a trail for those who might wish to go back and review any difficult to absorb aspects. The unique benefits of the effective and efficient methods we have developed over the past thirty years will be available to you as an employee. Each aspect of our training program is periodically evaluated and open to suggestions for improvement. In fact, many staff members have offered helpful ideas acquired from the unique circumstance of their careers.

We encourage our staff to remain active within industries in which they excel by frequently contributing articles to trade publications, accepting invitations to speak at membership-organization events, and periodically sponsoring seminars with industry-based organizations.  These personal development aspects, which many firms discourage for lack of billable time are not only encouraged here but expected. At Czarnowski & Beer, we all rise by helping others, whether within or outside of our organization. 

We work hard and we play hard. That being said, your long hours during the busy season are appreciated and rewarded. Our partners never forget their experience as staff members and work to establish the environment they wish they had. We welcome your inquiries and look forward to finding out if you make a great professional fit.

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