As part of our commitment to providing superior service and ensuring that our clients receive representation that will protect them from unit owner scrutiny, the Czarnowski & Beer team recently hosted an informative presentation on financial statement knowledge at The Andrews Organization (TAO).

On December 17, a group of over 50 engaged property managers packed the conference rooms at TAO for two sessions of interactive discussion on how to read a financial statement; how to compare financials; how to compare actual expenses to the budget report; ways to make audits easy; and new items in the industry.

The event’s speaker, and Partner at Czarnowski & Beer, Avi Zanjirian offered his insights and experience as well as trends and actionable solutions on the most important aspects of a co-op or condos financials including innovative ways to make the audit process easier and how to make “annoying people” (auditors!) go away.

“It was such a pleasure to work with TAO to organize this event and we are happy to be able to offer the group such useful information,” he said. “For this year’s presentation our goal was to leave property managers with a better understanding of what needs to be done to keep their property’s financials in order and I definitely think we achieved that.”

The crowd was double the size of the previous year’s presentation, and filled with dynamic professionals who listened attentively and asked numerous questions.

“I was very impressed with the presentation,” said TAO Financial Analyst, Roma Licas. “Format, content, visual aid, all outstanding. It was very informative.”

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