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    Procedure Self-Assessment

    A procedure self-assessment is an evaluation of potential errors that can occur in your organization’s transactions’ cycles and empowers you with the tools to assure that those errors will be detected.  The monitoring aspects developed will act as review points at those places in a process where errors tend to arise.  There can be an extraordinary number of reasons why a transactional error arises, which could result in errors that are not caught, and which then in turn could lead to the loss of corporate assets.  Czarnowski & Beer LLP will facilitate your opportunity to perform a procedure self-assessment with management. We can assist you in understanding how this process works as you and your employees work together to determine where there is a risk of losing assets and ultimately implementing the corrective changes necessary while also improving your property’s operations.  Our role is to appropriately facilitate this process which will allow the Board to enhance its ability to monitor and evaluate its management.

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