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    Cooperatives & Condo Accounting PRACTICE AREAS

    Cooperatives and Condominiums – We Proudly Serve Over 200 Properties!

    We have the distinction of being a large firm in this practice area with a practice that continues to grow and evolve. That success arises from our dedication to never lose the small firm approach, in all aspects of our practice, but seems exceptionally well suited for this practice area. Volunteer Board members as well as property managers understand the reliance that they can place on our representation in order to protect them from unit owner scrutiny.

    There just seems to be something somewhat unique about how people can socially interact when they not only invest but are neighbors. Since the Board members are volunteers, and report to their neighbors, basic accountant representation just doesn’t suffice here, at least for our clientele. Our planning strategies are the key to our successful process to timely complete all the engagements well in advance of annual meetings. Our goal is to utilize our planning time to accomplish much more than basics, we see the opportunity for earlier discovery and timely resolution of issues that warrant improvement. Our rotational approach allows us to evaluate chosen property performance areas and offer suggestions for improvement.

    Here is how it works. Diligently, over the 35 years that we have represented clients (yes, we have some of these properties as client for over 35 years, the milestone of the New York City Coop boom occurred in the 1980’s) we have tracked each and every year what can go wrong in order to offer renowned representation to our Board members. Each aspect is annually incorporated into our work in order to provide each Board a level of separate protection. Let’s face it, if it can wrong elsewhere, it can go wrong for your property just as well.

    The feedback from new clients is that they hear from us so much more than they heard from their previous representation. Well, that is totally by design. Designed to offer more than the basic accountant audit plan requires. Let’s face it, we then can’t offer the lowest annual audit fee levels within the industry that we compete, but our clientele has decided that our extra time and thus their extra cost provides something of value when it comes to facing their friends and neighbors at the annual meeting.

    Further, as presentation is everything, you will find our Financial Statements to be in large font and in easy-to-understand format!  Our design is to deliver ultimate results for your property by applying our comprehensive audit program that is specifically designed for cooperatives and condominiums and is tailored to each client.

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