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    Is your Nonprofit Organization getting the most optimal results? Complimentary Evaluation Of Your Organization's Operations - No Obligation! Call Now: (212) 397-2970 New York’s Leading Accounting & Auditing Firm

    Let us evaluate your Organization’s mission and help you gain the public’s confidence. We will outline specific steps you can take to confirm that ethical standards and practices are being followed, ensure that fiduciary duties are being fulfilled and generate extra income in order to turn those funds back to the Organization.

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    • Call: (212) 397-2970
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    Our specialty areas:

    Co-op & Condominium Auditing

    Learn how to optimize cost controls and profitability. We will compare your building’s costs to information on operating costs provided by CNYC and provide insight into the cost structure of your property.

    Individual Tax & Accounting

    We will show you how to minimize your taxes and maximize your wealth based on your specific tax and accounting requirements.

    Nonprofit Accounting

    Let us show you how to minimize financial risks, protect your volunteers, and keep your entity in compliance.

    Real Estate Accounting

    Our complimentary evaluation will give you ways to minimize financial risks and gain superior financial results with your investments.

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