cyber security

Three most important security topics

Let’s face it, the information and the physical world are merging, threats exist to all cyber-physical systems such as cars, power plants, medical devices, even your IoT fridge. Similarly, the trends toward cloud computing, bring your own device (BYOD) policies in the workplace, and the burgeoning internet of things (IoT) create new challenges. Defending the enterprise’s systems has never been more important. We hope that your company is working to develop best practices for protection from cyber threats, so you need to be armed with what as a minimum should be established on a firm wide basis.  If you are not experiencing the role of student, then maybe you should become assertive and step into the role of teacher. If you are not seeing a solid cybersecurity plan being implemented, take the lead.  This is quite important stuff and no one can be left behind.

Education and training are the take away from the business continuity and disaster recovery planning accomplished by the higher ups.  Guidance needs to move vertically within your organization and thus from your position you should be aware of your firm’s security plans, policies and procedures.  That being said here are the top three issue you should be paying attention to:

1. Software updates 

Hackers work outdated apps with known vulnerabilities in order to enter the company computer network. Training on how, the importance of, and how often to install software updates and patches for applications and operating systems.  We are all busy, it can be easier to postpone the downtime and yet these need to be accomplished as soon as they’re available. Given the advanced state of most modern software, automatic operating system updates should be enabled and performed each time they become available. The same is true for application software updates, including Microsoft Office. If your line of business systems are not updated regularly (at least annually), you should discuss this with your vendor and consider moving to better maintained platform.

2. Passwords

Is knowledge about password security something to be learned on the streets?  Secure password policy and enforcement is vital.  Teach your employees that the best password is a secure password. Is use of a reputable password management application policy?  These store passwords in one place, allowing people to generate strong, complex and random passwords that they don’t need to memorize. They only need to remember one password to unlock the app itself.  Alternatively, is use of passwords that contain at least 10 characters plus include numbers, symbols, and upper and lowercase letters mandatory? Use of written down passwords forbidden?  Are there policies to deal with the sharing of passwords, even with coworkers?

3. Virtual Private Networks

These are vital in order to secure information. They encrypt all traffic leaving and entering your devices. The product of a hacker’s hard work to intercept your information is gibberish.

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