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    Best Practices Distinction

    Best Practices
    Best Practices Distinction

    It’s really easy as a volunteer board member for a not-for-profit to be accepting that what checks and balances exist are sufficient.  After all, the outside accountant is involved.

    Auditing standards allow the outside auditor to simply gain an understanding of internal controls and then make a judgement as to what they need to do in the form of procedures to assure themselves within reasonable doubt that the Financial Statement they publish on one day, which the entity may use for at least an entire year, is materially correct.

    That can mean that the auditor minimally relies on the accounting records.  That means they verify almost everything in one way or another.  It’s not a comfortable place for a board member to not feel protected from public scrutiny.  How many times has the news, after a fraud appeared, state that the fraud was right there for everyone to see?  Do you wish to be standing there with your reputation in the community, that means so much to you, as one who could or should have acted and didn’t?

    At Czarnowski & Beer LLP, we offer a resource for you to understand what should be done.  The industry term is “Best Practices”.  Come explore our presentation of what should be happening.  When you are prepared with the knowledge of what should be, you have a much better chance of being able to judge what is inadequate and considered a fraud risk.

    Not-For-Profit is renowned as a high-risk area for lack of adequate controls on management and susceptible to fraud.  Don’t be a victim of image shame and explore all we have to offer you as a board member. Get enhanced education and knowledge to be the best that you can be for your organization that means so much to you which is why you contribute your time and energy.

    What sets Czarnowski & Beer LLP apart from other firms is the cornerstone of our culture.  We are here to serve you with those basic inalienable rights of user of accounting services- timely Tax and Accounting services, not within hours or days of a deadline. We strive to submit our completed work to you at least 30 days before it is needed.  Allowing for lead time is something that’s unheard of within our industry.

    Other than timely, our culture just plain simply KARES for you:

    Knowledge- That the work will be complete, timely, and accurate the first time you receive it.

    Advisory- We are more than servants as we utilize every bit of experience we gleam from each interaction with; each client, specifically evaluate how it affects others, and then use the knowledge to offer you enhanced protection; public scrutiny.

    Resources- You will have what you need to meet your filing requirements as well as help provide commentary on how to best serve, in your role as Director of your Not-For-Profit organization.

    Extra- Our philosophy of always going the extra mile and being ahead of the game, regardless the size of the entity: thinking, what you will encounter and how to protect you from it and using examples and comparables from other client projects that are similar to yours for the purposes of taking proper action.

    Service- A culture that develops what we believe is the best possible representation available within the industries that we practice.

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