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    Agreed Upon Procedures

    Most of our staff has worked for accounting firms that do the same old thing- meet deadlines with the basics, whether it’s a Tax Return or a Financial Report. They come to Czarnowski & Beer LLP looking for challenge and to do more than the monotonous humdrum filings. They are called non-traditional for a reason and that is why our Firm’s culture embraces them.

    There are those special reports, such as Independent Annual Meeting Election Results, to verify the costs of a special project: What was the payback period for the investment in energy efficiency that the Board has made?; What did the Developer promise but not deliver in the Offering plan?; Is the allocation of common charges to commercial versus residential units appropriate?; etc.

    Many competitors will wave “no thank you” when asked to accomplish these non-traditional engagements because these engagements are out of the ordinary, and thus tend to be less profitable. However, Czarnowski & Beer LLP is a large firm in its niche that has the resources to evaluate these special requests or situations, organize and mobilize the staffing required to accomplish them, and the presence to report the results, in person, to the unit owners.

    Reputation is not all that’s needed here but rather a Firm culture for excellence in every procedure we perform, a confidence to handle special situations that others tend to shy away from, and the meeting presence to enlist confidence in the special report with the population.

    Czarnowski & Beer LLP strives to excel where other firms introvert and withdraw. Speak to us and evaluate the difference!

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