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    About The Firm

    Czarnowski & Beer LLP – A Leading New York Accounting Firm

    Recognized as one of New York’s top accounting firms representing cooperatives and condominiums, Czarnowski & Beer LLP provides a full range of  services. Conveniently located in Midtown Manhattan, the firm offers its superior reporting and advisement services in both traditional and non-traditional areas of auditing and tax to a broad-based clientele.

    Confirmed by a triennial peer review process, Czarnowski & Beer LLP works to stay current on industry issues while following U.S. Government and AICPA Standards of Practice by utilizing exceptional in-house quality-control standards. This enables our highly-trained and experienced staff, along with important firm principal involvement, to offer your cooperative or condominium numerous suggestions and strategies, and resolve any questions you may have concerning the financial aspects of your organization! Czarnowski & Beer LLP strives for the highest client satisfaction in that our clients’ well-being and our service to those clients are the focus of all our endeavors.

    By remaining active within the real estate industry, Czarnowski & Beer LLP provides numerous resources to professional journals and real estate industry publications, as well as tools and work aids for the operation of your organization. The firm participates with governmental task forces on cooperative and condominium issues, local board member education organizations, such as The Council of New York Cooperatives and Condominiums, as well as several other industry-based organizations.

    The Personal Touch

    It gives us great pride to be the paradigm firm that demonstrates matters that your former accountant should have discussed with you.

    We offer a non-traditional aspect of risk assessment by keeping an eye on your organization’s fraud prevention procedures. Just as important, our detection of trends, whether positive or negative, will give you early warnings of potential unexpected issues and responses to resolve identified risks, well beyond the usual preventative measures. Our ability to detect potential overcharges by a vendor lend to working with you to coordinate the best possible presentation for your annual financial statement which will be utilized as a picture of your organization’s financial condition for an entire year. This is one of the many aspects we believe differentiates our firm to others within our industry.

    Our open line of communication with clients is invaluable to us as it results in a better understanding of client affairs and for us to keep you informed of important areas and highlighted issues discovered during your audit.

    We look forward to carrying out that commitment to you by providing you with exceptional services in years to come!


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